Asian Center for Social Work Research

established on Apr.1st. 2014

Photo: Attendies of workshop (Oct.2015)

Shukutoku University Asian Center for Social Work Research (ACSWR) is the first place for you to contact when you want to work with Japanese colleagues or institutions or to study in and/or about Japan.

The Center is non-sectarian and non-profit. It was established on April 1st, 2014, in commemoration of the 50th anniversaries in 2015 of the birth of Shukutoku University and the passing of its founder, Ryoshin Hasegawa, a pioneer of Buddhist "social work" in Japan.

Manager of ACSWR:Mr. AKIMOTO Tatsuru

The main mission of Asian Center for Social Work Research is to learn from, work with, and provide research opportunities and results to you, colleagues from other countries, to contribute to the advancement of research and education in the field of social work across Asia and the world.

The center also has a special mission to serve as a hub for research and education in Buddhist "social work" in Asia.

Major Activities:

  • International Joint Research and Studies

  • International Conferences and Seminars

  • Publications

  • Study Groups

  • Human Resource Promotion

  • Cooperation with Schools of Other Countries

  • Contribution to International Organizations

  • Individual and Organizational Exchanges

Major Activities