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Shukutoku Univ. Japan

| NEWS   update.2021.7.8 

Attached: Asian Center for Buddhist Socialwork Reserch Exchange

ARIISW will hold a session on "Buddhist Social Work in the Corona Disaster" at the international conference "Open Mind Mongolia 2021" hosted by the National University of Mongolia.

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Reserch report and research

series published

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Online Forum
2021 2/18 (Thu.) 〜19 (Fri.)
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ARIISW is the first place for you to visit to contact when you want to work with Japanese colleagues or institutions or to study in and/or about Japan. The main mission of ARIISW is to learn from, work with, and provide research opportunities and results to you, colleagues from other countries, to contribute to the advancement of research and education in the field of social work across Asia and the world.

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We always want to interact and exchange with scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the field of social work. ARIISW provides various opportunities of joint research and studies, meetings, seminars and workshops, or lectures. 


ARIISW publishes books, reports and booklets mainly on international joint research results. Would you like to read?



  • We open the eyes in Asia and the world and aim at the window to receive most, and to send.

  • We carry out international joint research, social work personnel training of Asia, contribution or other much business to the international organization.

  • We aim at serving it as a hub of the scientific study interchange of the Buddhism social welfare / social work in Asia.

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  • 私たちは、アジア、そして世界に目を開き、多くのことを受発信する窓口を目指します。

  • 国際共同調査研究、アジアのソーシャルワーク人材育成、国際組織への貢献その他多くの事業を実施します。

  • アジアにおける仏教社会福祉/ソーシャルワークの学術研究交流のハブとして仕えることを目指します。



International collaborative investigation
We plan the international joint investigation with an overseas university, the researcher and a study and organize it and we carry it out and participate in response to a similar appeal positively from the other countries.

International conference, seminar workshop
We sponsor an international conference, a seminar workshop. In addition, the staff participates in various programs to be performed abroad and tries for the information dispatch such as a lecture or the report. The details are here.

Human organized interchange
We open a study network and perform exchange of opinions, a combination project with university, research organization, NGO organizations of all parts of the world and researchers, practitioners.

The talented person training
We develop Ph.D.(doctorate) acquisition program or training educational program to meet "social worker" of Asian countries spreading rapidly, needs of the social welfare talented person training.

Meeting for the study
Under the theme of basic principles of the social work, we hold a meeting for the study regularly. A teacher, young researchers before and after the doctorate acquisition participate.

Document collection
We collect documents about the global community welfare and the Buddhism social work activity and arrange it and manage it mainly.

Contribution to the international organization
We participate in international federation of social work school, the activity of international organizations such as the federation of Pacific social work education in Asia, administration, a whole body positively and contribute and cooperate.

Cooperation to the other countries University
In response to the needs from foreign countries particularly the Asian countries, a request, We cooperate with a social work program, the new establishment of the curriculum, dispatch and others of the lecturer positively.

Mainly on a result report of the international joint research, we publish books / booklets. The details are here.