1. Provide opportunities to acquire Ph.D. for faculty members studying at universities in Asian countries (Schools of Social Work) using the Japanese Ph.D. dissertation system.

  2. We organize the theme composition of the doctoral dissertation, hopefully welcome the candidate who is starting writing as a visiting researcher with a scholarship at Shukutoku University Asia International Social Welfare Research Institute, and we hope to finish the paper during this period.

  3. Cooperate with the Asia-Pacific Social Work Education Federation (APASWE; Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education) to operate the program. Capacity is one person per year.

  4. We will nurture it as a prestige high scholarship promotion program which is few in number but loses to Fulbright.


  1. Contribute to the training of human resources in social work teachers / researchers and leaders of social work communities in Asian countries.

  2. Dense the connection between research levels in Asian countries and Japan's social work field.

  3. By communicating Japanese social welfare and social work to the Asian social work which is overwhelming in the West, by collaborating, it contributes not only to Asian social work research but also to advancement in the world world.

  4. Contribute to the efforts of each country to social problems that economic advancement advances down the globalization.


Call for the "Visiting Researcher Fellowship Program leading to PhD"

We happily inform you that ARIISW-Shukutoku opens the application of the "Visiting Researcher Fellowship Program leading to Ph.D." on 1st April 2022.
Attached documents are handbill and application documents for your reference, so please find them.
For more details, please visit the following URL or mail to:

We are looking forward to your application!
Sincerely yours,

ARIISW-Shukutoku University, Chiba, JAPAN


Visiting Researcher Fellowship ROMPAKU Program

Visiting Researcher Fellowship POMPAKU Program

【final】2022_1 Handbill2022_Call for Applications.jpg
【final】2022_1 Handbill2022_Call for Applications.jpg

<2022 Program Details and Application Forms for reference>

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