Asian Research Institute for International Social Work(ARIISW)Chief Director

1989, New York City University social welfare doctor (Doctor of Social Welfare; DSW). Professor emeritus at Japan Women's University. Federation of Pacific Asia social work education (APASWE, Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education) ex-President, Federation of international social work school (IASSW, A vice-chairperson of Asian Research Institute for International Social Work). In 1990-92, United Nations ILO (International Labour Organization, Bangkok) poverty improvement, employment promotion specialty officer. A domain specialized in interest: Labor social work (worker welfare theory), international social work (global community welfare theory)

Main article: "Detroit- Necessity of social unionism", 1980, NihonHyoronsha, "The new tide of labor movement in America - Watch the 21st century from 80s",1992, NihonKeizaiHyoronsha, "Shurinkage of Urban Slums in Asia and Their Employment Aspects.(Ed.)",Kamata, S.  "Japan In The Passing Lane"(Trans. & Ed.), Pantheon Books. 1995. ILO Regional Office for Asian and thePacific (Bangkok). 1998.


Asistant Director (Campus and Domestics )

Born in Nagano Prefecture, graduated from Shukutoku University graduate school master's degree in 1992 (master of social welfare), 2001, Shukutoku University doctoral course, withdrawal from credits. Specialty is social welfare studies, Buddhist social welfare, social welfare history. Especially the establishment of social welfare facilities in the pre-war years of the Meiji, Taisho and the Showa era and interest in the ideological background of the people who worked to establish in that period, triggered the social practical activities of temples and Buddhists in modern society, Expanding the range of research subjects by using social work as a keyword. Main writings include "Wheel track (Wadachi) of Buddhist Welfare Practice" (single author), "History of Postwar Buddhist Social Welfare Project", "Chronological Table of Buddhist Social Welfare Project Postwar" (co-authored).


Senior Researcher [Research Institute Associate Professor]

Born in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). Completion of master course (literature) from Charles University Department of Philosophy in 2007, completion of the Graduate School of Education, Hyogo University of Education 2011 (Academic Acquisition). Currently as an associate professor at Shukutoku University, a part-time lecturer such as Joetsu University of Education and Niigata prefectural nursing college after a special collaborative researcher at the International Center for Japanese Culture Research Center, Research Fellow at Tohoku University and a researcher at Joetsu University of Education. While studying mainly about terminal care, he pursues the cultural background of medical care and welfare (member of Buddhist Nursing · Bihala Society, American Medical Anthropological Association, Japanese Folklore Society, Comparative Japanese Culture Research Group etc) Main article: "The network connecting the living and the dead" (single author, Joetsu University of Education publication, academic book, 2016) "Aspects surrounding elderly people in Japan" (single author, Niigata Prefecture Regional Research Institute, 2008) motto: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has its limit. Imagination wraps around the world. A. Einstein

Message: I am field work addiction. It is site-based. In order to talk about social work, I think that we must know the site of social work. To know is to feel the site in the body. It would be difficult to understand without it. And when I do survey the senior citizens of Nakayama, I work together in rice paddies. When teaching ice hockey to children, I am also playing ice hockey with armor.


Senior Researcher [Research Institute Associate Professor]

Born in Kyushu, March 1995 Graduated from Japan Women's University Graduate School of Letters Department of Social Welfare Studies Master of Social Welfare (Master of Social Welfare), Social Worker (Registry Number 148583) Area of ​​interest: international social welfare / social work, justice welfare From the experience of staying in the Fiji Islands Republic (present Fiji Republic) for 2007 ~ 3 years, I am interested in the difference of recognition of social work in the Pacific region and after my return to the world I have studied international definition of social work and propagation of social work education in the Asia Pacific region continuing. Since 2011 I have been worked as an assistant of the APASWE president (Asia-Pacific Social Work Education School Association), I have  also deeply connected to foreign social work researchers. Main writing / editing: The history of internationalization of social work education in the Asia - Pacific region - from the perspective of the historical development of the Asia - Pacific Social Work Education League (APASWE). (Co-author: Akimoto Tatsuru,2013) ,Nihon University of Social Studies, University Social Work Research Institute, Bulletin 59, Nihon Soca-College of Technology

IMINA Shuichi

Section manager of Administrative section

We support the researchers who engage in their research activities to achieve ARIISW's missions. It is a small organization. But each of us at the office works with great passion.


Staff of Administrative section

"We are mainly in charge of the program of visiting researcher theory expedition program, we are doing document preparation and schedule management.We will help various laboratory research activities spreading both in Japan and overseas!"


Staff of Administrative section

"We are mainly in charge of accountancy and general affairs of the laboratory.We will work to facilitate the administrative processing of the laboratory and to work for busy researchers who are active in various fields."


Staff of Administrative section

"I am in charge of public relations and conference related work, secretarial work etc. I will send out so that many people can know various activities done at the laboratory."

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